Young chinese Safety Ambassador Group Introduction


A group of youths are being recruited and trained to promote safety awareness in the Chinese community. Using their bilingual skills, they broadcast messages concerning road, fire and water safety as well as emergency care on Chinese radio channels (FM 95.8 / Cantonese and AM 936 / Mandarin). The one hour broadcasting in each radio channel every Saturday afternoon is a great challenge to the Ambassadors. The project benefits the Chinese Community; at the same time helps the ambassadors build up their confidence and leadership. They also arrange exhibitions, open talks and drama shows to Chinese associations on safety issues and print safety handbooks and articles in Chinese newspapers. These have been proven effective ways to deliver safety messages.

These youth have been invaluable in their service to the Chinese community. As they can easily absorb the safety information from mainstream society, such as those provided by government campaigns, they take advantage of their bilingual abilities in the English and Chinese language by transmitting these to the Chinese community in their mother language. The safety messages they put out can help prevent unnecessary injury in the Chinese community, and reduce the burden on health service providers.

This project gives them a feeling of worth and helps train them to become competent citizens.

Planned activities:

  1. Recruiting 15 Chinese Young People to form an Ambassadors Group.
  2. Providing Adequate Safety Training to group members.
  3. Designing Exhibition Panels and Arranging Exhibition Shows on Safety issues.
  4. Presentation in Radio Channels on Safety issues (FM95.8 in Cantonese & AM936 in Mandarin) (one hour/week).
  5. Promotion in Chinese Newspapers on Safety issues.
  6. Arranging Open Talks to Chinese Associations & Societies on Safety issues during term breaks.
  7. Arranging Drama Shows to Chinese Associations & Societies on Safety issues during term breaks.
  8. Producing Souvenir with safety message to participants of Open Talks.
  9. Designing and printing of bilingual safety handbooks.
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